Exiles & Tribulations is based on the custom campaign setting of "Anthem", a mysterious & mountainous island land surrounded by dangerous seas.

Most new characters have either mysteriously arrived in Anthem following a near-death experience in the Forgotten Realms (any time or place, meaning technically a Reborn character could encounter one of their ancestors). Characters who call themselves citizens likely grew up in Anthem but were still descended from Reborn adventurers.

The only known humanoid races to have existed before the Reborn are the Rhoomeri (an insane race of fungal worshipping hin) and the Na'veren (a painfully neutral tribe of elves).

Campaign Summary

The jagged mountain lands of Anthem lay wild and untamed for untold millenia with tribal warfare and cultural vices preventing the native tribes of elves and halflings from forming any sort of coherant civilization.

Until the first reborn started to appear.. adventurers mysteriously "taken" from different periods of Faerunian history. These reborn almost immediately upset the delicate balance held between native tribes and the other menacing powers that be.

The year is 300 After-Czar (AC), named after the first reborn adventurer to grasp power significant power.

Between the city states of Rhonde and Brigden lies the perilously situated settlement of Hammervale.

The settlement cropped up in the early days of human settlement as a place to house and support the local priests of the nearby Monastery of Helm. It has since become the defacto haven for the freshly reborn and home-grown adventurers alike.

Chaos and strife are known plague this region, as evidence by the sorry state of the nearby monastery..

Despite the unending calamity that seems to plague the town it's walls are still standing hundreds of years later, thanks to a constant influx of adventurers providing fresh meat for the grinder..