New characters are transported to the New Character Setup area where they can customize their Faction, Subrace, Height, and Appearance. Subraces will make permanent changes to your character, not temporary boosts. Take this into account during character creation.

Character Height

Unless your subrace already has a custom height you will be given a chance to select from one of three options:

Very Tall: +12%

Tall: +6%

Average: +0%

Short: -6%

Very Short: -12%

Playable Subraces


Those of the Giant-Blood subrace can trace their lineage back to a giant ancestor at some point. Whatever their primary race is their proportions are bigger than usual.

Racial Traits:

+2 Strength

-1 Dexterity

-1 Intelligence

-1 Charisma

Larger stature (short races will handle weapons like medium races, and medium races will handle weapons like large races)


Extra tall (15% taller than normal)

Goblin-Blood (Halfling or Gnome only)

Those of Goblin-Blood would rather not talk about their ancestors. Their goblin blood gives them smaller proportions than usual and a knack for mischief.

Racial Traits:

-1 Strength

+2 Dexterity

-1 Charisma


Extra short (15% shorter than normal)


Although thick-skinned and hard to get rid of those of Troll-Blood find it difficult to socialize without resorting to insults and are easily burned with fire.

Racial traits:

-3 Charisma 

+1 Regeneration

5% Physical damage immunity

25% Fire damage vulnerability

Fae-Blood (Chaotic only)

Short of stature and prone to chaos those of Fae-Blood are almost always on a quest to find peace within themselves.

Racial Traits:

-1 Strength

+1 Dexterity

+2 Charisma

16 Spell Resistance

Decreased stature size


Extra short (18% shorter than normal)


The Necrotic have been infected by a terrible blood-curse; trapping them in a state between death and undeath.

Racial Traits:

Gives access to the Palemaster class.

Decreased walk/run speed

Vulnerable to turn undead

100% vulnerability to divine damage.

Immunity to death magic.

+2 Constitution

-1 Dexterity

Rhoomeri (Exile Faction, Chaotic Halfling only)

Vicious and obsessed with native mushrooms. The Rhoomeri are well known for painting their skin wild colors during rituals and are a creepy reminder of Anthem's uncivilized past.

Racial Traits:

-1 Intelligence

+2 Wisdom

Racial Ability: War-Paint

Immunity: Poison

Lizardfolk (Exile Faction, Human only)

Primitive and savage, these reptilian humanoids can be very dangerous if provoked. They are fiercely territorial, banding together to protect the swamplands they inhabit.

Racial Traits:

Racial Ability: Bite

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