Vacant homes can be found in all corners of Anthem. Settlements, forests, and even caves. Purchasing properties gives you a private area to hide out with your party, and access to persistent storage chests.

Settlement Houses

Houses in settled areas may be purchased with a one-time fee of gold pieces, however house rates will accrue against a property and if not paid in time there is a chance you could lose your property (the timer is pretty generous).

Outdoor shacks

Shacks and other lockable homes in unsettled areas like forests and caves can sometimes be purchased, or in rarer instances settled for free (these ones will be very remote). Owners of shacks in unsettled areas will not have to pay any rates, however, they will have to visit their property occasionally to maintain their stake (once again the timer will be generous).


Only an owner can unlock the door of a private property. Once inside they may opt to unlock the door for the remainder of the server reset. The door can be re-locked at any time from the entrance.

Future Developments

We are working on a system where a user can build a shack in certain areas.

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