Rather than entirely replace the bioware armor/weapon crafting system we have made an effort to make the bioware crafting system more useful.

  • No more complicated components. For example, a single metal bar can create a fully-working shield, armor, or weapon.
  • Cheap visual modifications. The DC & gold cost for modifying appearance of equipment has been decreased substantially (except armor torso modification).
  • Gatherable crafting ingredients. Mine metal ores and smelt them in any furnace to produce metal bars. Chop down oak trees to produce oak planks. Combine cloth rags at a tailor to produce bolts of cloth.
  • Better item variety. Craft 3+ types of armor & up to 5 types of weapons out of iron, steel, mithril, or adamantine bars. Craft 3 sizes of shield & 4 types of bows from oak planks. (see Crafting Recipes)
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