General Feats

Devastating Critical - Enabled, however, the death roll calculation now takes into account multiple factors such as weapon weight, critical damage, and remaining HP. Acts more like a finisher to drop mid-low HP foes.

Class Changes


New ability: Release Tame Animal (level 6) - Release a dominated animal without making them hostile.


Lay on Hands - 2 uses per day

New ability: Detect Evil - 5 uses per day

New ability (level 10): Cleanse Evil - -2 uses per day. Attempts to remove evil from an item. 


Wholeness of Body - 3 uses per day

Red Dragon Disciple

Dragon Breath - 5 uses per day. Increased damage and cone of effect size.

Draconic Abilities - +1 Strength at levels 2 & 4, +2 Constitution at level 7, +2 Intelligence at level 9, +2 Charisma at level 10, then alternating +1 Strength or +1 Charisma every 3 levels after


Hide in Plain Sight - Gained at level 5

Dwarven Defender

Available to all races.

Racial Changes


Free bonus feat: Dodge